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Public Pool and Tourist Facility Program


Brett Sherry
Program Manager

Tiffany Terry
Administrative Specialist

About Us

The Public Pool and Tourist Facility Program works in partnership with local health departments, the recreation and tourist industry and the public to reduce the risk of waterborne illness and injury at public facilities. The program provides technical assistance, training, and education; coordinates rulemaking; and oversees the field inspection system.

The Public Pool and Tourist Facility Program is part of the Environmental Public Health Section in the Center for Health Protection.
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Public Pool and Spa Program
Oregon has over 3,000 public pools operated by apartment complexes, condominium and neighborhood associations, lodging facilities, schools, youth camps, municipalities and recreation districts. The Public Pool and Spa Program has a long history of setting standards for public swimming pools and spas to control potential disease transmission and eliminate injuries and accidents. Licensing, inspection and enforcement services are provided through Health Services's Field Services Unit and local county health departments.
Tourist Facility Program
The Tourist Facility Program works to set safety and health standards for the hotel/motel/recreational vehicle/organizational camp industries. The recreational vehicle industry is growing due to aging demographics and tourism promotion; Oregon's growing tourism industry will continue to benefit from Oregon's excellent national reputation for high quality tourist accommodations.

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Public Pool and Tourist Facility Program
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 640, Portland, OR 97232

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