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Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Program


Julie Sifuentes
Program Manager

About Us

The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) program provides decision-makers with information about how any policy, program or project may affect the health of people. HIA identifies potential health consequences of policy, program or project, and recommends appropriate actions to manage those consequences. Through a combination of procedures, methods and tools, HIA provides a structure to bring short-term and long-term health outcomes to the forefront of decision-making.

The HIA program is part of Environmental Public Health in the Center for Health Protection.

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The Oregon Public Health Division's HIA initiative focuses on building our collective statewide capacity to evaluate the health effects of projects and policies, and to provide the information to decision-makers, raise awareness of HIA, identify and develop resources to sustain HIA efforts in Oregon and continue to maintain and build a collaborative approach with multiple statewide HIA partners.

We do so through trainings, webinars, mentorship, technical assistance, small grants, hosting the HIA Network listserv and working closely with the Oregon HIA Network, a diverse group of partners committed to advancing HIA in the region.

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Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Program
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 640, Portland, OR 97232

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