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Oregon Reciprocity

Oregon may award an emergency medical services provider license through reciprocity to an individual who has a current National Registry Certification and meets the requirements for licensure in Oregon per ORS 682 and OAR 333-265.

If applying at the EMT level:

Oregon requires proof of training in the following areas: alternative airway device supraglottic airway, blood glucose monitoring, epinephrine multi-dose vial administration, and epinephrine single dose ampule administration.

Skills verification forms and skills sheets:

Alternative airway device supraglottic airway

Blood glucose monitoring

Epinephrine multi-dose vial administration

Epinephrine single dose ampule administration

EMT training and skills verification form

Paramedics applying for reciprocity will need to show proof of having:

An Associate’s degree or higher from a nationally accredited institution; or

Having worked at the National Registry Paramedic level for an EMS agency or the United States Military for at least 3 of the 5 years.

If a Nationally Registered paramedic does not meet the degree or work history requirements they may be eligible for a provisional license.

Oregon EMS provider licenses by reciprocity are granted at the level of the applicant’s National Registry Certification with the exception of I-99 which will be granted Oregon EMT-Intermediate, and I-85 which will be granted Oregon EMT.

To request reciprocity application packet complete and submit the form below. Packets will typically arrive by US Postal Service within 10 business days.

Reciprocity Fees (Including $44.50 fingerprint fee)

  • EMR - $50.00 + $44.50 = $94.50
  • EMT - $140.00 + $44.50 = $184.50
  • AEMT - $165.00 + $44.50 = $209.50
  • Intermediate - $165.00 + $44.50 = $209.50
  • Paramedic - $300.00 + $44.50 = $344.50