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“If you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change.  If you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change.”  ~John A. Simone, Sr.


Mr. Simone’s quote is especially pertinent for the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program; both program structure and key positions recently underwent extensive changes. The EMS & TS program wants to inform stakeholders of these transitions. Amidst these changes, our professional and dedicated program staff has maintained the highest levels of service in dealing with the public health and safety issues charged to the EMS & TS Program.

I hope you find the information in this update helpful, insightful and to the point.

First, I’ll begin with myself, Mike Harryman. Since February 2006 I have served as the Public Health Division Director of Emergency Operations in the Health Security, Preparedness and Response program. As the DEO, I oversee the state’s Emergency Support Function 8, Public Health and Medical Services by improving and enhancing community health care resiliency. The Health Security Team uses the “whole community” concept to work closely with local health departments, federal agencies, hospitals, tribes, nonprofits and other state agencies. Last February I was asked to direct the EMS & TS Program in addition to maintaining my role as DEO.

Next, we are excited to announce that Laurel Conley joined the Mobile Training Unit May 7, 2012. Laurel is stationed in the Portland EMS & TS Office and her area of coverage is the North Coast to Northeast Oregon. Laurel is a licensed paramedic in Oregon and holds a bachelor’s degree in human physiology. She joined us after working at American Medical Response since November 2007 as both a paramedic and paramedic preceptor. She also spent time at Legacy Health Systems, Peace Health, and Lane Rural Fire and Rescue.

Lastly, we would like to thank Bob Leopold for his work on EMS for the Future for Oregon, and setting things in motion with program stakeholders. We also say goodbye to EMS & TS Medical Director Ritu Sahni, M.D., whose last day with us was June 30, 2012. Ritu is joining the Providence Medical Center in Portland. As the first EMS & TS medical director, Ritu established many strong relationships that this program hopes to build on. We will greatly miss his professionalism, candor and sense of humor. We wish him and his family the best.

The entire team and I look forward to working with our partners as we move forward through changes and challenges. Together we maintain and strengthen Oregon’s emergency medical services and trauma systems.

- Mike

Michael K. Harryman, M.A.
Director of Emergency Operations
Director of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma Systems
Oregon Health Authority
Public Health Division

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