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In the Winter 2010 newsletter, the state EMS Program announced its partnership with the Office of the State Fire Marshall on a cutting-edge online reporting system provided free of charge to Oregon’s fire and EMS agencies. This serves as a reminder to all EMS providers that the bridge known as ImageTrend® is still available.

This data was critical then and is now. We continue to offer this service to our partners, but we need your help! Oregon is one of the few states unable to push its statewide data to the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) because too few EMS providers are participating. Some may not see the importance of sharing data, but without it we cannot provide quality data about the state system back to decision makers and partners. This data educates decision makers about the pre-hospital system, demonstrates our progress and allows us to compare our data to national level data.

We are also learning how important your data will become as part of the health care transformation taking place in Oregon (Coordinated Care Organizations/CCOs). EMS data can play an important role in emphasizing prevention and early intervention. This data can also help with the new and expanded roles for EMS that include non-traditional health workers, community paramedics, community health, public safety and public health.

Attached are two maps that show: 1) the 2011 and 2012 ImageTrend users; and 2) both groups, ImageTrend users and non-users for reference.

For questions and support, contact Donna Wilson, EMS compliance specialist, at 503-807-5850 or

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