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Browse this listing of links to Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) and Statute (ORS) and resources related to the legal authority of the EMS & Trauma Program.

Resources listed here include recent changes to continuing education requirements and exhibits referenced in OAR 333-200 and OAR 333-205.

Oregon Administrative Rules

OAR 333-200 Oregon Trauma System Rules and Exhibits
OAR 333-250 Ambulance Service Licensing
OAR 333-255 Ambulance Licensing
OAR 333-260 Ambulance Service Areas
OAR 333-265 EMS Providers
OAR 847-035 EMS Providers and EMS Supervising Physicians Scope of Practice 
(Oregon Medical Board)
OAR 333-055

Programs to Treat Allergic Response or Hypoglycemia and to Treat Opiate Overdose

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Changes to Continuing Education Requirements
Appendices - Referenced in OAR 333-265
Appendix 2
    For Emergency Medical Responders (formerly known as First Responders)
    Effective Date: Beginning July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014
Appendix 3
    For EMS providers, excluding Emergency Medical Responders
Effective Date: Beginning July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015


Oregon Revised Statutes

ORS 431 Trauma System
​ORS 431.671​ ​Emergency Medical Services for Children
ORS 433.805-830 Programs to Treat Allergic Response or Hypoglycemia
ORS 682 Emergency Medical Services
ORS 030 "Good Samaritan Law" - see 030.800 & 030.803
ORS 041 Confidentiality of patient records in general - see 041.675 - 041.685
ORS 431 Confidentiality under the Oregon Trauma System - see 431.627(4) (a)
​ORS 431.690​ ​Automated External Defibrillator (AED) required at places of public assembly
ORS 820 Exemptions from traffic laws