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License Verification

You can verify the status of an EMT or Emergency Medical Responder’s license using our online License Verification service. You can also look up an Emergency Medical Service transport agency, non-transport agency, or a Supervising Physician to verify they are state-approved.  


How to use the License Verification service
  1. Go to the Electronic License Verification Website.
  2. Select Emergency Medical Services from the pull down menu
  3. Choose the license type you would like to search.

You can search by first name, last name, certificate type, social security number, or license number. You can search for all active, expired, probation or suspension orders.  

Please remember that you do have to select Emergency Medical Services, but you do not have to fill out all other categories to do a search. One category will give you results and you can refine your search by filling out more search criteria.

We are dedicated to improving Oregon’s EMS system, so please use this website as a resource.

Active The licensee’s certification is active and considered valid
Expired The licensee’s certification has lapsed and is now considered expired therefore not valid

A disciplinary action with stipulated rules and steps that the licensee must abide by for the duration of the probation period


A disciplinary action that prohibits the licensee to work or represent themselves as an EMT in the State of Oregon for the duration of the suspension period

Revocation A disciplinary action that takes certification away from the individual

A temporary paramedic certification obtained through an agreement between the Oregon Health Authority's Emergency Medical Services Pprogram and the licensee describing a timeline and plan to obtain the required Associates degree.