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Our team of experts provides a full range of professional services to design, evaluate, and refine public health programs, including:

  • Program Design: We design public health interventions and demonstration projects by identifying and applying best practices. Our research and evaluation projects generate knowledge about promising new approaches.
  • Program Evaluation: We evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions and provide actionable, evidence-based recommendations for program improvement. Our work helps organizations make the best decisions, dispel misconceptions, inform policy, and shape care. As an external partner, we are able to provide clients an unbiased view¬†of the work, a high level of expertise, and deep experience dealing with complicated issues.
  • Applied Research and Surveillance: We have expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods, advanced statistics, community-based participatory research, cost-effectiveness studies, and surveillance. We work with communities to generate knowledge and apply our findings.
  • Technical Assistance: We consult with a variety of public health programs in all our service areas, increasing internal capacity and improving outcomes.
  • Increasing Funding for Public Health: We help clients secure project funding, and we also generate new funding opportunities for program development and evaluation.