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Notice of Temporary Rulemaking for OAR chapter 333, division 500 (pdf) - "Hospital Satellite Providing Emergency Psychiatric Services"

The Oregon Health Authority (Authority), Public Health Division, Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement program is temporarily amending administrative rules in chapter 333, division 500 relating to hospitals that provide emergency psychiatric services and inpatient psychiatric services in a satellite location.

Rules recently adopted by the Public Health Division created an unintended gap and the intent might be misinterpreted by some hospitals. During Rule Advisory Committee meetings, the intent of these changes were discussed including that these facilities would need to comply with federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) regulations, all hospital licensing administrative rules, and that emergency psychiatric services would need to be offered in an emergency department. These temporary rules initially address this gap and provide further clarification on intent.

This rulemaking is effective February 20, 2015 through August 18, 2015. It is the Authority's intent to begin the process to make these temporary rules permanent. Additional details in the Statement of Need and Justification and rule text can be found in OAR chapter 333, division 500 (pdf) - temporary rulemaking.​​​​