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Conference of Local Health Officials
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Executive Committee Members (2013-2015)

Conference Executive Members

Muriel DeLVergne-Brown, Chair
Tom Machala, Vice-Chair
Loreen Nichols, Secretary/Treasurer 
Carrie Brogoitti, Small County At-Large Rep 
Silas Halloran-Steiner, Medium County At-Large Rep  
Rod Calkins, Large County At-Large Rep 
Holly Skogley, CLEHS 
Elicia Miller, AOPHNS
Teri Thalhofer, PHAO Rep
Jim Shames and Pat Luedkte, Health Officers' Caucus Reps
Morgan Cowling, Executive Director

431.330 Conference of Local Health Officials; officers of conference.
(1) The Conference of Local Health Officials is created.  The conference shall consist of all local health officers and public health administrators, appointed pursuant to ORS 431.418 and such other local health personnel as may be included by the rules of the conference

Coalition Executive Members

A related organization is the Coalition of Local Health Officials. The Coalition's executive committee is similar to the Conference's, but maintains staff and connections with the Association of Oregon Counties.

Executive Director
Morgan D. Cowling, MPA

Program Manager for Accreditation
Erin Moulds, MPH

Lila Wickham, Multnomah County, Chair
Tom Machala, Jefferson County, Vice Chair
Loreen Nichols, Multnomah County, Secretary/Treasurer
Bill Emminger, CLEHS, Benton County
Pam Stuver, AOPHNS, Lane County
Teri Thalhofer, North Central Public Health District, PHAO Rep
Jim Shames, Jackson County, Health Officers' Caucus Rep
Patrick Luedtke, Lane County, Health Officers' Caucus Rep
Muriel DeLa Vergne-Brown, Crook County, Legislative Committee Chair
Vacant, Chair - Marketing and Information Committee
Morgan Cowling, Executive Director
Tom Engle, OHA, OHPD Liaison 

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