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Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Tools
Red toolbox titled "Risk Communication Tools"

The Oregon Public Health Division works with local health authorities and tribes to ensure that all Oregonians get accurate and timely emergency information in the event of a public health emergency.

During a public health emergency, Oregon Public Health Division will work together with key partners to get important messages protecting the public’s health and safety out quickly through a variety of channels, including television, print, radio and web-based media, and the Oregon Public Health Division's web site.

Health communicators work to identify and outreach to risk communication partners throughout the state in an effort to prepare for and respond to a public health emergency. Oregon Public Health Division also supports local health departments by providing training and technical assistance in crisis and emergency risk communication methods and strategies and the development of outreach materials for the public on a variety of emergency preparedness topics.

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) Toolkits

​Public Health Hazard Download Files ​Year
​Wildfire Smoke Word   PDF 2015
​Extreme Heat Word   PDF ​2014
​Seasonal Influenza Word   PDF ​2014-2015
​Winter Weather Word   PDF ​2015
​Flooding Word   PDF  2015​

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