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Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Tools
Red toolbox titled "Risk Communication Tools"

During public health emergencies, the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division (OHA-PHD) works with local and tribal health authorities to make sure all Oregonians get health and safety information that is timely and accurate.

OHA-PHD staff prepare for and respond to public health emergencies along with our partners. These staff also provide our partners with training and technical assistance in crisis and emergency risk communication.
OHA-PHD delivers information in many ways. These can include television, print, radio, web-based media, and our agency website. When a public health emergency response requires the use of other means of communication, OHA-PHD collaborates with partners to select and use methods that make sense. OHA-PHD also helps partners develop outreach materials.

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) Toolkits

​Public Health Hazard Download Files ​Year
​Wildfire Smoke Word   PDF 2015
​Extreme Heat Word   PDF ​2014
​Seasonal Influenza 2016 revisions being piloted. Please e-mail to participate in the pilot.  ​
​Winter Weather Word   PDF ​2015
​Flooding Word   PDF  2015​

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