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MRC Planning Retreat Sets Framework For Future

On January 25, 14 Oregon HRC/MRC partners gathered at the McMenamins Kennedy School Library for a full-day Regional Strategic Planning Retreat.  Zumana Rios, Community Emergency Planner for the Health Preparedness Program – Region 1, facilitated the meeting designed to determine MRC activities for the remainder of the year, and into the first half of next.  One of the more significant topics covered was determining the primary objectives for the spring 2013 Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) joint exercise.

UASI allocates funds to enhance regional preparedness in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. The funds address the unique planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercise needs of high-threat, high-density areas, and are meant to assist participants in their creation of regional systems for prevention, protection, response, and recovery. The Oregon HRC/MRC is one of those participants.

John Reid, Cities Readiness Initiative consultant, made a brief appearance to further discuss UASI with the HRC/MRC stakeholders.  The group agreed that testing county-to-county aid should be the focal point of the upcoming joint exercise, as well as broadening MRC volunteers’ roles and knowledge, and developing an After Action Report. 

Other regional strategic discussions revolved around the rotation of facilitator duties, developing a SERV-OR resource guide, the inclusion of Naturopaths as volunteers, logistics for the May 19 Regional Training Event, creating a poster abstract for the National Integrated Training Summit, newsletter deadlines, and applying for a two-year Public Health Associate.

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