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Health Care Worker Vaccination
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Health care workers take care of the most vulnerable people during flu season. It's crucial that people who work in hospitals, long-term health care facilities and medical practices get a flu shot to avoid spreading illness. Health care workers can get the flu from anyone, including patients and coworkers. They can spread the flu to others even if they don't feel sick.

Vaccination is the best way for health care workers to protect themselves, their families and their patients from getting the flu. Research shows that health care workers who get vaccinated help to reduce:

  • Transmission of the flu,
  • Staff illness and absenteeism, and
  • Influenza-related illness and death, especially among people at increased risk for severe influenza illness.

Oregon Healthcare Worker Influenza Vaccination Rates
This page presents reports and maps of healthcare associated infections in Oregon, including HCW influenza vaccination for 60 hospitals, 131 long-term care facilities, and 85 ambulatory surgery centers throughout Oregon.