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Vacations: A New Twist!

Start a new twist to your vacations by fitting in physical activity, eating healthy, and reducing your stress. This can be the start of a new ritual for you and your family. Here are some suggestions to help you get started. 

Incorporate Nutritious Foods Into Your Trips

Make Healthy Habits Part of Your Vacation

  • Relieve your work related stress before you leave for vacation by doing office stretches.
  • Learn about stress reducers (pdf) from our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Cascade Centers.
  • Need additional help to cope with vacation plans or adjusting to work when you return?  Call Cascade Centers . If you feel significantly out of balance or are in danger of burning out, you can use your EAP counseling benefit to bounce off ideas, gain another perspective, or gather fresh ideas.

Your contact with Cascade Centers from the first call to resolution is private and confidential. No information about you goes back to your employer or PEBB. Call them to schedule an appointment with a local EAP specialist.

  • Portland (503) 639-3009
  • Salem (503) 588-0777
  • Toll Free (800) 433-2320

Fit Physical Activity Into Your Travels