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Healthy Worksites

 5-Year Strategic Plan (2012-2017)


Strategic Plan Cover PageThe 5-Year Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention (HPCDP) Strategic Plan tackles chronic disease prevention with a comprehensive, community-wide approach to help people eat better, move more, live tobacco free, and take care of themselves. This means achieving better health, better care, and lower health care costs for all Oregonians.

Download the HPCDP Strategic Plan (pdf)

Supporting healthy worksites throughout Oregon

The Healthy Worksites initiative supports the Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention (HPCDP) framework through a strategic focus on the worksite setting. Strategies include policy interventions and worksite campaigns to reduce chronic disease risk factors and promote self-management of health issues.

Healthy Worksite Campaigns

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  • Wellness at Work Website: By building a culture of wellness, employers can prevent costly disease, boost employee health and productivity, and improve the bottom line.
  • 2011 Oregon Employer Survey Report (pdf): The Oregon Employer Survey Report presents results from a survey conducted among Oregon employers about their worksite wellness policies and practices. The survey has been conducted three times: 2005, 2008 and 2011. This report contains key findings from the 2011 survey, emerging trends and detailed data tables from all three years of data collection.    
  • Healthy and Sustainable Food Guidelines

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Every two years a survey is conducted among Oregon's public sector workforce to assess its overall health. Employees covered by the Public Employees' Benefit Board (PEBB) include those working in State Agencies and the Oregon University System. Employees covered by the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) include those working in the K-12 School Districts, Education Services Districts, Community Colleges and some charter schools.




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