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Good nutrition is necessary for keeping the body functioning normally, maintaining a healthy weight, and preventing disease. If disease develops, good nutrition helps minimize the effects.

State and community policies such as menu labeling and worksite nutrition standards help Oregonians have access to healthy foods.

From this page you can find more information on developing good nutrition to aid in disease prevention and overall wellness.

Farmers' markets are a great place to get fresh, local fruits and veggies.
Find a farmers' market in Oregon.

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The purpose of the Oregon Menu Labeling Act is to provide consumers with basic nutrition information about prepared food sold at chain restaurants.
Nutrition Council of Oregon logo
The Nutrition Council of Oregon has launched an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of shared meals in promoting better eating habits, reducing obesity, preventing substance abuse, and strengthening family and community bonds.
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Kids and junk food - A campaign to increase parental awareness of junk food marketing to kids and provide parents with the information they need to help their children make good food choices.