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Suicide: Breaking the Silence

More than 600 lives are lost to suicide in Oregon every year*, leaving many "survivors" to cope with the tragedy and loss. Although suicide claims more lives than motor vehicle crashes, it is often surrounded by silence and stigma.

This 17 minute video and discussion guide were developed by the Yamhill County Suicide Prevention Coalition and presented at community forums as a means to begin a discussion within the community, to raise awareness, and to combat stigma. 

The Discussion Guide (pdf) is a great starting point. In addition to specific questions for discussion, it includes supporting material and suggestions on how to openly discuss mental health and suicide. A list of local, state, and national resources is included.

Recommended Use and Audience
Click to download Discussion Guide
  • Use the video and discussion guide to educate yourself, friends, community groups, service groups and organizations, faith-based communities, educators, friends, colleagues, and others about the issues of depression and suicide.
  • Hold a community forum;
  • Discuss at a staff meeting;
  • Convene your own coalitions and task force groups.

*see data and reports

Suicide: Breaking the Silence © The video on this site is protected by copyright laws and provided for educational purposes only and cannot be copied, then sold for any purpose.  Any infringing use may be subject to disciplinary action and/or civil or criminal liability as provided by law.  Questions? Contact us.


Suicide: Breaking the Silence©, Community Awareness Video and Discussion Guide, developed and produced by the Yamhill County Suicide Prevention Coalition, 2008.
Key Contributors/Interviewers:
Nadia Abraibesh, Linfield College
Caren Anderson, Yamhill County Commission on Children and Families (YC-CCF)
Laura Lopez, YC-CCF
Liz Schillinger, McMinnville Community Media – Channel 11
Jeff Stevenson, Child Abuse Policy and Education
Tanya Tompkins, YC-CCF, Linfield College
QPR Institute© 
Special Thanks to Interview Participants:
Lan Carpenter, Counselor – McMinnville High School
Ben Los, Resident Advisor – Linfield College
Lisa Millet, Injury & Violence Prevention Manager - Oregon Public Health Division
George Pickard, Chaplain – Church on the Hill
Dr. Thomas Steele, Emergency Room Physician – Willamette Valley Medical Center