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A key to solving one of Oregon's most serious problems: Youth Suicide
--Kirk D. Wolfe, M.D. - Summer 2000
Depression in youth can be tragic. It is a common and yet largely unrecognized medical illness in Oregon. One of the keys to preventing youth suicide is for parents, school personnel, health professionals and others to learn to recognize the subtle signs of depression in our young people.

Knowing and recognizing these signs may save the life of a child, adolescent or young adult you live or work with.

This publication provides critical information for Oregonians about how to prevent youth suicide. This is a practical guide that helps adults recognize the warning signs of depression in youth as well as understand what it takes for these youth to improve their lives.


To quote Governor Kitzhaber's 1996 Executive Order, "Each time we fail to prevent this tragedy, families suffer and our future is diminished. We will not fulfill our duty to our youth if we do not make every effort to reduce the factors that drive our young people to this most desperate act." This publication is an important step in the right direction.

Melvin Kohn, M.D., M.P.H.
State Epidemiologist
Oregon Health Services