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Local Health Department Immunization Information
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  • Immunization Billing Resources
  • Oregon  Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program
  • Model Standing Orders
  • MVR Cover Sheet and Instructions
  • Adult Special Project Summary
  • WIC and Immunization Integration
  • Public providers are to complete the VAERS report online by going to
    A VAERS e-report number will be assigned to the completed report.
    Send the VAERS e-report number via secure e-mail to the Oregon Immunization Program Vaccine Safety Coordinator at
    or via Fax to 971-673-0278
  • Immunization Rates and Performance Measures
  • 2015 Performance Measures
  • Vaccine Administration Record - Pediatric and Adult now on one form
    English                       Spanish
  • Forms Retention Schedule

  • Local Health Department (LHD) Annual Plan

    All Local Health Department immunization programs are required to complete and submit an electronic version of the Immunization Plan Checklist. The next request for this checklist will coincide with the 2014-2015 Annual Plan required for all Local Health Departments.

    Prior immunization triennial plans focused on quality improvement objectives and activities conducted by LHDs, both in-house and in the community. The new format is a checklist intended to simplify annual reporting obligations and allow local programs to do what they do best: provide the community with low and no-cost immunization services. The checklist is designed to document compliance with Program Element 43, which details required Local Health Department (LHD) immunization program services.

    LHD immunization programs must continue to meet immunization performance measures and report on their progress towards:

    • monitoring and providing services to Hepatitis B-exposed infants
    • entering shot records in a timely fashion
    • correctly coding patient eligibility in ALERT IIS
    The new checklist has a section to document your efforts.

    LHDs must submit an electronic version of the new annual plan checklist. The specific due date is to be determined, and will coincide with the due date of the LDH 2014-2015 Annual Plan.
    The checklist will be forwarded to your Oregon Immunization Program (OIP) health educator for review and approval.

    If there are questions about the checklist or where to locate the information you will need to complete it, please contact your OIP health educator (971-673-0300 or via e-mail).

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