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Billable Vaccines Project

    Billable Vaccine Workgroup

    This workgroup was formed to address the need for improved immunization billing capacity at Oregon’s public clinics. The group provides insight and assistance to OIP staff and contractors regarding the practices, challenges, and successes of billing public and private insurance for immunization services. To this end, the group will focus on the following activities:
  1. The development of a set of tiered billing standards for public clinics that provide comparability and guidance for the agencies. The standards will detail the policies and procedures that these agencies should have in place for billing. The group will also assist in establishing a timeline for implementation.
  2. Prioritize and provide feedback on the development of an online resource guide and training materials to improve billing capacity.
  3. Share challenges and successes of immunization billing practices, including health plan contracting, credentialing, and reimbursement issues.


Workgroup Minutes and Project Updates



Example Policies, Procedures, and Forms

  • Billing Policy Example (pdf)
  • Billing Policy Example (Word)
  • Marion County – New Private Insurance Billing Procedures (pdf)
  • Marion County – Eligibility Screening Form (pdf)
  • Deschutes County - Immunization Payment Screening Form (Word)
  • Deschutes County - Vaccine Coding Flow Chart (pdf)
  • Josephine County - Vaccine Coding Flow Chart (pdf)

      Cost Calculators - Vaccine Administration Fees
    • Vaccine Administration Fee Calculator (Excel)
      Use this spreadsheet to determine the administration fee that reflects the true cost of immunization services provided by your agency. Note: this resource was developed by the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics for private clinics but can be adjusted for public clinics.
    • Vaccine Inventory Value Calculator (Excel)
      This resource can be used to calculate the dollar value of your inventory or to determine the value of all vaccines provided by your agency over a given period of time. This information can be useful when reporting agency services to administrators, county commissioners, or in community health reports.
    • Family Planning Cost Analysis
      Several health departments are using this tool, provided by the Oregon Reproductive Health Program, to also determine costs associated with immunization services. Scroll down to the "Cost Analysis Training with Gerry Christie" for the manual and webinar presentations.


    Example Job Descriptions for Billing/Office Staff