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Oregon Pharmacy Protocols
Note to pharmacists:
The following Pharmacy Protocols for Immunization are reviewed yearly. Generally, updates are made as new recommendations are published by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Implementation date was no later than January 1, 2014.

For each vaccine encounter, prior to administering vaccine, pharmacy personnel will look up each patient in the ALERT Immunization Information System (IIS) to determine the patient's vaccine history and to forecast recommended vaccines.

  • This is not required when administering only influenza vaccines, but will continue to be recommended to help increase pneumococcal and all other recommended vaccine rates.
  • This is not required when the pharmacy/pharmacist conducts a remote vaccine clinic, but will continue to be recommended when remote connectivity is available.

For more information on registering and using ALERT IIS, please contact the ALERT IIS Help Desk at 800-980-9431 or or the ALERT IIS website.

Certified immunizing pharmacists in the state of Oregon are now eligible to apply for the Uniform Stamp and Yellow Fever Center Agreement. More information on administering Yellow Fever and other travel vaccines can be found on the Yellow Fever resource page.


Please read through all the protocols carefully. If you decide to change any part of them, your changes must be submitted in writing to Jeanine Whitney and approved by the OHA Immunization Program.

If you have any questions about these revised protocols, please call Jeanine Whitney at (971) 673-0281.


These issues are PDF files that require Adobe Reader software to be read and printed.

Vaccine/biologic  Date of Last Revision
Haemophilus Influenzae B (Hib) 12/11 (184K)
Hepatitis A 12/11 (167K)
Hepatitis B 12/11 (168K)
HPV 12/11 (200K)
Influenza, Inactivated 08/14 (504K)  New!!!
Influenza, Live Attenuated 08/14 (534K)  New!!!
Japanese Encephalitis  12/13 (169K)
MMR 12/13 (203K)
Meningococcal 05/13 (319K)
Pneumococcal 10/13 (278K) 
Polio 12/12 (151K)
Polio for Travelers (Interim)​ 08/14 (226K) New!!!
Rabies 04/13 (130K)
Twinrix (combined hep A and hep B) 12/12 (157K)
Tdap and Td  02/13 (203K)  
Typhoid Inactivated  09/10 (136K) 
Typhoid Live Oral  09/10 (148K)
Varicella 07/12 (183K)
Yellow Fever  03/12 (132K)
Zoster (Shingles) 12/11 (145K)
Guidelines for Treatment of Severe Adverse Events 01/12 (200K) 
Recommended Sites for Simultaneous Vaccine Administration 12/11 (222K)
Table of Contents 08/14 (84K)  New!!!
Multiple signature page 01/12 (56K)