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Oregon Seasonal Flu Vaccine Uptake

The Oregon Immunization Program (OIP) is using the ALERT Immunization Information System (ALERT IIS) to report on seasonal influenza uptake across the state. As a synopsis, ALERT IIS receives both child and adult immunization reports from the majority of Oregon healthcare providers and payors. Based on last year’s influenza season, OIP estimates that ALERT IIS is capturing 75% to 80% of all influenza immunizations given in Oregon. For near-real time tracking out of ALERT IIS, the data on immunizations are lagged by two weeks. Estimates made with two weeks of lag for reporting are generally good.

Learn more about the ALERT IIS

Additional seasonal influenza surveillance updates
are available from the Oregon Public Health Division’s Flu Bites report.

Through Oct. 24th, ALERT IIS has received over 430,000 reports of seasonal influenza immunizations for Oregon residents. The peak for influenza immunization occurred at this time during the 2013-2014 season. However, it is too soon to judge whether influenza immunizations have peaked for the present season. OIP estimates that over half a million Oregonians have received an influenza immunization so far this season. The total amount of influenza immunizations given up to Oct. 24th is close to the amount given at the same time last year.
Receiving a seasonal influenza immunization varies by age. Rates of immunization start high in early childhood, and decline from there into young adult ages. Adult influenza immunization rates increase moderately between ages 20 to 50 years, and then increase substantially after the age of 50. Overall, the receipt of influenza immunizations by age has not changed substantially between last season and the present season. Infant and senior adult influenza immunizations are slightly below last year’s amounts for this time of year. However, the effect of these declines is balanced in total by a slight increase in influenza immunizations for adults age 30 to 40 years.

Week 40: Through Oct. 4th, ALERT IIS already has over 200,000 reports of seasonal influenza immunizations for Oregon residents. OIP estimates that at least a quarter-million Oregonians have received an influenza immunization to date. Overall, the current influenza immunization season looks similar to last year’s season, but it is too early to forecast the whole season or when immunizations will peak. The majority of adult influenza immunizations (56%) so far were given in a medical setting such as a doctor’s office. However, pharmacists also account for a substantial amount (39%) of reported adult influenza immunizations. As of week 40, 61% of adult influenza immunizations have gone to women, as opposed to only 39% to men. This is the same as last season where adult women at all ages accounted for more reported immunizations than did men.

The final influenza vaccination uptake report for the 2013 - 2014 season is available. This report looks at uptake rates by demographic characteristics of the vacinees, geography and settings, and adult pharmacy usage.