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Vaccines and Your Child by Paul Offit, MD & Charlotte Moser

Parents want straight-up, no-nonsense facts when it comes to their children’s health. Vaccines and Your Child is a handbook that addresses several concerns a parent may have with immunization, including side effects, ingredients, vaccine-preventable diseases and safety concerns. Every answer is supported by scientific research. The section on ingredients, for example, gives the rundown on such additives as egg proteins, gelatin, mercury and aluminum, as well as addressing complicated issues including where the Vatican stands on using human cells in vaccine. The authors are honest about vaccine risks, separating fact from myth. There is really nothing that they shy away from; they clearly believe that science-based research and sound knowledge are crucial for parents who have questions about vaccinating their children.

Vaccines and Your Child is an invaluable manual to guide parents through immunization decisions. The authors are directors of the venerable Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the information they offer is clear, concise and ultimately reassuring.