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Fingerprint Form Request
Fingerprint Information for License Renewal Applicants
If you have lived, worked, or attended school for 60 or more consecutive days outside Oregon in the last five years, OHA requires a fingerprint based criminal history check, in accordance with ORS 181.537(2) and (3). This includes license renewal applicants who have lived (or currently live), worked, or attended school outside Oregon for 60 or more consecutive days since their last license was issued.*
If you require fingerprints, you should contact your local law enforcement agency for available fingerprinting services. 
  • Fingerprints must be completed by an official fingerprint technician. Please make sure the prints are clear and there are no smudges or the Oregon State Police Identification Services Section will most likely reject and return your prints.
  • The fee for processing your fingerprint card is $44.50. The check or money order should be made out to OHA-EMS. This fee is non-refundable. 
  • Please submit your payment and fingerprint card to:
    P.O. Box 14450
    Portland, OR  97293

    If you complete your online application by May 1, but do not submit your fingerprints and processing fee on time, your application will be considered incomplete and a $40.00 late fee will be assessed.
  • Fingerprint-based criminal history checks usually take seven to ten business days to process. However, due to the high volume of license renewal applicants, the process may take longer. If there are any discrepancies with your background, a Prehospital Standards Representative will contact you for more information.
  • If you need a fingerprint card or have any questions, please feel free to contact the EMS Office at 971-673-0520.

    • *Note:  If you work or attend school outside the state of Oregon and return home each night to Oregon, this is considered commuting and you do not have to submit fingerprints.

If you have not received the packet within 7 business days or want more information, please call Oregon EMS Office at (971) 673-0531 or contact Oregon EMS Office.