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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What classes does the MTU offer? Class descriptions.
  • How often can the MTU visit? Quarterly, unless special arrangements are made
  • What is the minimum class size? Generally, courses that are in-person and lecture-based must have a minimum number of 10 participants.  Webinar training is an option for smaller class sizes.  For hands-on training, the minimum number of participants is 5.  Regionalized training is encouraged..
  • What is the cost to my agency? The cost of the MTU is free.  For national certification courses such as PEPP, PHTLS or GEMS, the agency is responsible for the cost of the completion card and for the use of additional instructors for large course attendance.
  • How do I schedule the MTU? Simple!  Either call or e-mail the MTU coordinator and include the following information:
  • Preferred dates and times for the MTU visit
  • Topic ideas
  • Typical attendance numbers and licensure levels at drill
  • General information regarding the agency and response area

Call volume, most common types of calls

Roles as the responders (primary personnel on scene, etc.)