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Oregon Mobile Training Unit

The mission of the Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is to keep rural volunteer emergency response agencies operational through the provision of continuing education that is mandatory for certified EMS personnel. 

The MTU is designed to help the volunteer ambulance, economically challenged service area providers, and first response systems to provide 911 services through adequately trained and certified volunteer EMS providers.

Primary responsibilities of the MTU

  • Provide training in disaster response,  incident command and patient triage
  • Assist in the development of statewide, regional and local disaster drills
  • Provide annual recertification and instructional development to Oregon State Police EMS instructor group
  • Assist with instruction of initial EMS provider education 
  • Impart national and state standards of care to rural EMS providers
  • Instruct on new EMS skills or techniques
  • Provide Continuing Education for certificate holders for recertification requirements
  • Teach courses on instructional development

In addition, the MTU supports other functions within the state EMS office through curriculum development, training and support of certifying officers for EMS provider licensure exams and EMS program assistance to rural community colleges.

Please send email to:  Mobile Training Unit Coordinator or write to

    Oregon EMS & Trauma Systems
    800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 465
    Portland, OR 97232

We Are Here To Help With Your Continuing Education.