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Kim Torris
The EMS and Trauma Systems Program has many new faces and we are excited to welcome them and the expertise and qualities they bring to the program. This is a very exciting time for the EMS and Trauma Systems Program as we now have the staff to move forward with so many great improvements and visions. EMS and Trauma welcomes the new staff members who bring new energy and vision to our already experienced and knowledgeable core members. Justin Hardwick, Veronica Seymour, Donna Wilson, Leslie Huntington and Philip Engle will be working closely with them to instill the creative positive culture that is the hallmark of EMS and Trauma.
Stella Rausch-Scott is the committee support specialist, May Saechao is our EMS administrative specialist, Barbara Chapman is an EMS licensing and compliance specialist, Brandon Klocko joins us as a professional standards representative, and Sandra Smith is the EMS education coordinator. Each one of these individuals brings new strengths and experience to this program.  Please take a moment to read a bit about them all in the following articles.
Even with such a large number of new staff we are getting ready to recruit for another vacancy.  The Mobile Training Unit coordinator position will shortly be posted on the NeoGov website at This position will require an Oregon licensed paramedic and will provide continuing education to EMS providers with a focus on the rural and frontier agencies.  
EMS and Trauma also is welcoming an AmeriCorps VISTA EMS member. Brittany Cosola will be starting at the beginning of September and will be putting her expertise into working with our rural and frontier Oregon areas to increase recruitment and retention of EMS providers. Brittany will work with a team providing community outreach and will help to create a plan of increased recruitment and search for funding opportunities, and a sustainable retention plan.  Visit the AmeriCorps VISTA project website for more information.
The EMS and Trauma Program is just finishing up license renewal of approximately 10,000 Oregon EMS providers.  All EMT, Advanced EMTs, EMT-Intermediates, and Paramedic license holders who have not completed the license renewal process have gone into an expired status. If you wish to reinstate, please apply through the renewal process online and you will receive a reinstatement packet. No person with an expired EMS provider license can work or represent himself or herself as an EMS provider in Oregon until the process of reinstatement is completed.
If you have completed your license renewal, you are beginning a new license renewal period. Please keep in mind that in order to renew your EMS provider license in 2014 (EMR) or 2015 you will need to meet the continuing education requirements in Appendix 2 or Appendix 3 in accordance with your license level.  These appendices cover the national transition material.  When you receive your license back after your next renewal it will come with a statement of State approved transition completion needed to recertify your National Registry Certification. Contact your agency training officer for information on completing these requirements.
Your renewed license will come with information about the state-approved transition completion needed for National Registry Certification.
Thank you for all you do!

Kimberly Torris


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