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Larry Torris is the new pre-hospital planner in the HSPR Program. Torris is a paramedic with extensive background in EMS and comes to us with a master's degree in business administration. He will be working on the EMS Plan, patient movement and patient tracking projects.
Below is a Q and A with Torris to help us get to know him better:
1.   Where did your EMS career begin?
I began my EMS career with PCC in EMT-B school. Then I started in the field with an inter-facility transport company in Portland, Ore. While there, I worked as an EMT-B, dispatcher, call taker and trainer. I then went to Northwest Regional Training Center for Paramedicine.
2.   What experiences have you gained that lent them to your new position as EMS planner?
I have experience as a business owner and within the patient transport aspect of EMS, as well as in emergency response and coordination both at the ground level and in leadership. Together, these have given me the skills to further integrate EMS into a larger system of hazard planning. I feel that my experiences at the ground level will enhance my perspective on the impacts decisions have on daily operations and commitments. And as a business owner, I’m quick to recognize the effects of decisions on the finances of an organization.
3.   How does your education (specifically your MBA) contribute to your experience and your new role?
My educational background is in science, which taught me how to seek information and assimilate a plan based upon data rather than feelings. My MBA focused on leadership training, communication, planning and budgeting. Being in a position that involves so many important stakeholders, those tools will help me to better understand others’ perspectives on the impacts of systems surrounding them and, in a reflective way, come to a place where the best possible solution is obtained.
4.   What are you most looking forward to in joining the EMS Team?
I am looking forward to building strong relationships and thereby increasing community resilience within the communities I will be serving. People drive the processes, and communication with different groups is an exciting possibility. The work that is being done by these people is behind the scenes and drives the system. Changes are occurring and I am excited for the future of EMS in Oregon.
5.   Please share something about your hobbies, family, or ways you spend your free time.
My wife and I have a strong family with three small children (ages 1, 3 and 5) as well as three adult daughters (ages 18, 20 and 21). Our family is the center of our world and encompasses our life fully. In addition to my family, I also love to golf, watch movies (even ones that are not cartoons) and read.
6.   Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I can't wait to get everyone’s name down and get involved. My previous workplaces have always been rewarding, and I have cherished the people I work with. I’m hoping to have similar relationships with the EMS Team.
I’m also a very proud member of the Oregon State University Class of 1994. Go Beavs!!