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Trauma Rules and Statues – Amended January 2013

On January 1, 2013, the amended rules for Oregon’s trauma system went into effect. They are easily accessible on the Trauma Rule and Statutes webpage. The Oregon Health Authority will require these standards be met beginning in July 2013. This will allow for six months of pre-hospital and hospital systems to come into compliance.

Trauma Categorization Application – Updated 2013

The Trauma Program has updated the previous trauma categorization application into an electronic application process. An instruction packet and fillable application form will soon be available on  the trauma coordinator webpage and is already available on the Health Alert Network (HAN). All application documents will be submitted via HAN. We hope this will ease the burden of paper and make it easier to transmit necessary information to the survey team.

For the current schedule of trauma surveys, refer to the Trauma Coordinator and Registrar Corner webpage.

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