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Data Request Process

Oregon Trauma Registry (OTR) reports are generated from patients entered into the trauma system or who meet criteria for inclusion in the registry. Patients suffering traumatic injury who do not meet inclusion criteria, who are treated at non-trauma hospitals, or declared dead at the scene are not included in these reports. Data is submitted to the Oregon Trauma Registry by accredited trauma centers, and represents a subset of Oregon's patients who suffer traumatic injury.

Policy and Procedure

In order to facilitate requests for data from the Oregon Trauma Registry (OTR), while maintaining confidentiality pursuant to ORS 431.627(4)(a) and 41.675, specific procedures for such requests must be adhered to. Learn more about ORS 431.627

To Make a Data Request
  • Requests must be completed, signed, and dated.
  • If more than one investigator is collaborating on a project, all investigators must sign the data request form.
  • Completed request forms may be sent electronically to, or via fax (971) 673-0990.
  • Oregon Health Authority staff will schedule the data request for review at the weekly Oregon Trauma Registry update meeting. The requestor will be informed within ten working business days.
  • Please carefully review the criteria on the first page of the data request form.

Data Request Internet Form (pdf)

Oregon Trauma Registry Data Dictionary (Abstract Manual)

*Note that an IRB may be required in order to process your data request. If an IRB is necessary you will be notified by our staff once we receive your completed Data Request Form.