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Trauma Systems

The Oregon Trauma Program is responsible for development, implementation and ongoing monitoring of the state's trauma system, including establishment of system standards, designation of trauma hospitals to care for injured patients and collection of trauma registry data.

The Trauma Program ensures that high quality community resources are available to respond to individuals who are traumatically injured in Oregon by assuring an integrated statewide system of resources to care for traumatically injured patients, including establishment of trauma regions and designation of trauma care hospitals.

Oregon Trauma Registry Report

The data in this report tell an important story about the critical services provided by EMS and Trauma Systems to Oregonians every day. Read the 2010-2011 Oregon Trauma Registry Report (pdf).   ​​​

Information about the advisory group for each established trauma area that is represented by providers of trauma care and members of the public. Includes contact information, meeting schedules for each area, the ATAB region map and other resources.
Trauma hospitals are distinguished from other facilities in that they guarantee the immediate availability of surgeons, anesthesiologists, physician specialists, nurses, ancillary services, and resuscitation life-support equipment.
Read about the Oregon Trauma Registry, review the data request policy and procedures, use order forms to request bands, flow sheets, etc.
Biennial reports to assist health professionals who provide public education, to assist local and state leaders in understanding and evaluating the delivery of trauma care in Oregon.
The State Trauma Advisory Board is an advisory group appointed to represent providers of trauma care. The STAB consists of members who represent each of the seven ATABs.
For trauma nurse coordinators and registrars: trauma site surveys and trauma registry updates, the latest educational meetings, trauma coordinator and registrar training, and links to other websites.
Emergency Nurses and ICU nurses and Oregon Emergency Department Physicians and Surgeons who work in an Oregon designated trauma hospital and assist with trauma resuscitation in the emergency department must meet state education requirements.
This course is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge for nurses who function as members of the trauma care team
A collection of links to the state statutes and rules related to Oregon's Trauma System