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Success Stories
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Lane County Public Health

Good Behavior Game Initiative

Lane County Public Health is partnering with Trillium Community Health Plan CCO to implement evidence-based primary prevention strategies targeting the top health cost drivers in the county: tobacco use, obesity and behavioral health problems.

One of the programs Trillium has invested in is PAX: The Good Behavior Game. So far, over 70 teachers in 25 elementary schools across the county have received training on using this program to help students develop skills in self-regulation, self-control and self-management. These are the very skills a child needs to be healthy and that have been demonstrated to achieve lifetime reductions in substance abuse, including tobacco use. In Lane County, there has been widespread adoption of the program in several school districts. So far, the greatest success is the positive feedback from parents and teachers that kids are interested, receptive and are already demonstrating the outcomes of the program.


Central Oregon Health Council

Maternal and Child Health Initiative

The Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson county health departments are working with PacificSource Central Oregon Coordinated Care Organization and several other local organizations to implement a maternal and child health care coordination system across the tri-county region. The maternal and child health initiative expands care coordination and home visiting programs to better meet the needs of pregnant women and children and improve health outcomes.