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Facilities Planning and Safety Workload Update: July 24, 2015

Dear Stakeholders,

Facilities Planning and Safety is pleased to announce that two (2) of our vacant Plans Examiner positions and one (1) Administrative Support position have now been filled. We are also pleased to announce that our additional recruitment requests have been authorized, and we expect to fill our two (2) remaining Plans Examiner positions soon.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we work through existing resource constraints. We recognize and appreciate the degree to which our stakeholders have shared in the challenges that we have faced during the past few months.

In the coming weeks, we will update our website to include real-time project queue information. This will include the project record numbers (PR#s) our team is currently reviewing, updated on a weekly basis. Thank you again for your support. We look forward to working with you in the future and to our continued partnership to improve the safety of health care facilities across Oregon.

We have moved!
Facilities Planning and Safety has moved to Portland.

Read the notice for details​

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Join our Listserv

The Facilities Planning and Safety Listserv is used to send announcements, information and critical program updates regarding new construction and remodel of health facilities within the jurisdiction of the Health Facility Licensing and Certification Program.

To be added to the Listserv: Please e-mail your request to, with "Add to FPS Listserv" in the subject field.

Code Review and Project Site Inspections

Facilities Planning and Safety does Oregon Administrative Rules Code Review and Project Site Inspections for:

  1. OHA Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement which includes the following types of facilities:
    • Hospitals
    • Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC)
    • Birthing Centers
    • Outpatient Renal Dialysis Facilities
  2. DHS Aging and People with Disabilities, Office of Licensing and Certification which includes the following types of facilities:
    • Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)
    • Residential Care Facilities (RCF)
    • Memory Care Endorsement
    • Nursing Homes

Plan Review Process

Facilities Planning and Safety performs plan reviews to ensure compliance with the applicable Oregon Administrative Rules. In addition to plan reviews, Facilities Planning and Safety also conducts on-site inspections for code compliance at the completion of each project.

Construction Project Guide ​

Facilities Planning and Safety publishes the "Construction Project Guide." This guide identifies DHS Service Agencies, Facility Licensing Classifications and Licensing Rules. The guide also contains a detailed outline of the plan submittal, fee schedule and site review process.

Construction Project Guide (pdf)​

Project Licenses

License applicants should contact the following locations to secure the proper project license:

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)
Hospitals 333-535-0000
Ambulatory Surgical Centers 333-076-0185
Birthing Centers 333-076-0470
Outpatient Renal Dialysis Facilities 333-700-0120
Assisted Living Facilities 411-054-0300
Residential Care Facilities 411-054-0200
Memory Care Facilities 411-057-0100
Nursing Home Facilities 411-087-0100

If you would like to request an exception to an OAR, please visit the Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement forms page and download the waiver request form (

OAR Tables

The following tables are available by clicking the links. Please contact Facilities Planning and Safety for more information.



Table 1 (OAR 333-535-0270) Sound transmission limitations in General Hospitals.
Table 2 (OAR 333-535-0300)  Ventilation requirements for Hospital areas affecting patient care.
Table 3 (OAR 333-535 0300) Filter efficiencies for ventilation and air condition systems in General Hospitals.
Table 4 (OAR 333-535-0300) Hot water use (design temperature).
Table 5 (OAR 333-535-0300) Station outlets for oxygen, vacuum and medical air systems.
Table 6 (OAR 333-535-0310) Electrical Requirements



Table 1 (OAR 333-076-0185) Ventilation requirements for Ambulatory Surgical Centers.
Table 2 (OAR 333-076-0185) ​Filter efficiences for ventilation systems in Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Table 3 (OAR 333-076-0185)
​Station outlet/inlets for oxygen, vacuum and medical air systems in Ambulatory Surgical Centers
​Table 4 (OAR 333-076-0185) ​Receptacle requirements per area
​Table 5 (OAR 333-076-0185) ​Location of nurrse call devices



Table 87-1  Sound transmission limitations in Nursing Facilities.
Table 87-2  Pressure relationships and ventilation in Nursing Facilities.
Table 87-3  Filter efficiencies for central ventilation and air condition systems in Nursing Facilities.
Table 87-4  Nursing Facility lighting intensity.



Table 1 (OAR 333-675-0050)

Standard Project Review fees and PR-1 Form.

Reference Materials

Facility Guidelines Institute, "Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities":

State of Oregon Building Codes Division, "Oregon Structural Specialty Code":

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, "Policy & Memos to States and Regions":​​​​​​​​​​​​​