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Meaningful Use: Reporting to the Cancer Registry
  • To meet the Stage 2 menu set objective, an eligible provider is required to submit ongoing production data to the Oregon State Cancer Registry, OSCaR, (i.e., for the duration of the 90 day reporting period in year 1).
  • Successful submissions to OSCaR are
    • generated by certified EHR technology and
    • follow the HL7 CDA, release 2 specifications
  • Download the Onboarding Checklist

What is reportable?

  • All invasive malignant neoplasms and specified benign neoplasms of the brain and CNS are reportable.
  • All in-situ carcinomas, except carcinoma in-situ of the cervix uteri, and basal and squamous cell carcinoma in-situ of the skin.
  • VIN 3, VAIN 3, AIN 3 (squamous intraepithelial neoplasia Grade 3) and, juvenile astrocytoma, pilocytic astrocytomas, and piloid astrocytoma are reportable.