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Public Health Officer Certification

Public Health Officer Certification

The Public Health Officer Certification is an assessment of the quality and quantity of adverse event reports submitted by participants. It also reviews the overall integrity of the Oregon Patient Safety Commission reporting program for hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, and retail pharmacies.

The first certification was published in 2007 for hospitals only. As the reporting programs for the other facility types were developed, they were also added to the second certification in 2008. In the 4th Quarter 2008, the Public Health Officer finalized certification criteria categories for all facility types and also the minimum requirements for the hospital program. The third annual certification was published in August 2009.

Hospitals entered their third full year of adverse event reporting in 2009 and will be evaluated using the certification standards. The first full certification will be released in 2010. Until now, the certification reports have assessed the programs to give the public an independent look at how the Commission is progressing with the various programs. The certification also provides feedback to the Commission about report quality and expectations of the Public Health Officer.

Nursing homes and ambulatory surgery centers reported for the first time in the 4th quarter 2007. Their first full year of reports is 2008 and the certification will be a general assessment of status and progress of the program. The quality improvement infrastructure varies in the non-hospital environment and this fact will be taken into consideration in the evaluation.

The reporting program for retail pharmacies was still in development in 2008.

Certification Report 2008

Certification Report 2007

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