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Douglas County Relinquishing Public Health Authority
Douglas County map
Douglas County, Oregon will relinquish public health authority and stop operating most public health programs effective July 1, 2015.
Douglas County is working with community partners to provide public health services. Some of the work involved includes outbreak response, TB case management, emergency preparedness, environmental health including restaurant inspections, WIC, tobacco prevention and education, immunization, family planning and MCH.


Action plan
The Oregon Health Authority's Public Health Division (PHD) has developed a plan to protect the health of Douglas County residents. On July 17, 2014, PHD stood up an incident command structure with an Incident Action Plan. PHD is committed to protecting the health of Oregonians no matter where they live. This issue is unprecedented, so PHD will be completely transparent as we navigate how public health services will be provided in Douglas County.   

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