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Community Liaison for Local Health Departments
Yaquina Lighthouse

Public health services are carried out through a collaborative system of federal, state and local agencies, private organizations and communities.

The Oregon Health Authority Office of Community Liaison provides administrative and technical assistance to local health departments and other local partners who deliver services in their communities.

This office serves as liaison between state public health services program staff and local health departments. The office interprets local health department issues to state program staff, schools of nursing and other agencies. The office coordinates and prepares the review of local health departments. Finally, the office conducts the administrative, medical records, and civil rights components of the agency reviews.

Select a county in the clickable map and get Local Heath Department contact details and location information.
Key links and reference documents such as sample resources, program elements and grants, assessment tools and accreditation information.
Annual plans
Annual Plans (AP) by county, including archives and instructions. The AP describes, for both the state public health agency and the local community, the goals and strategies to fulfill statutory, contractual, and locally driven obligations.
Sample resources
Sample policies and procedures, brochures, and other useful items organized by program areas as found in the triennial review, i.e., Administrative / Civil Rights / Laboratory / Nursing Practice.
Browse this listing of public health related job positions available around the state or submit a job for inclusion on this page.
Comprehensive reviews (including commendations, compliance findings, and recommendations) of local county health departments.
Oregon's Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) serves as an advisory body to the Oregon Health Authority. Find bylaws, member listing, schedule, and minutes for PHAB Meetings.