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Local Health Department Program Elements

The Financial Assistance Contract with county health departments includes "Program Elements." These Program Elements are the programmatic and service deliverables. They describe the services the local health departments provide based upon the public health agreement with the Oregon Health Authority. Each Program Element is negotiated with the Conference of Local Health Officials.

There are periodic amendments to the Program Elements. Since this site will run behind the actual contracts, the contract filed at the county office may be more up to date.



Find Program Elements on this page:

Program Elements 2013-2015 - Approved by DOJ

PE 01: State Support for Public Health

PE 02: City Readiness Initiative (Final 6/17/14) 

PE 03: Tuberculosis Services (CLHO approved 3/11/2013)

PE 05  Health Impact Assessment (HIA) (Final 12/15/2014)

PE 06  Brownfields and Public Health: Building Capacity in Local Public Health Authorities (Final 10/21/2013)

PE 07: HIV Prevention Services (Final 5/20/2014)) 

PE 08: Ryan White Program, Part B HV/AIDS Services

PE 10: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Case Management Services

PE 11: Climate Change and Public Health Program (October 2013)

PE 12: Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEP) (Final 4/28/2014)

PE 13: Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP)

PE 14: Tribal Healthy Communities (HC)

PE 15:  Healthy Communities Phase II  Implementation

PE 19: Program Design and Evaluation Services (PDES) (Final 9/15/14)

PE 20: Statewide Lead-Line Program (October 2013)

PE 21: Services to Victims of Sexual Offenses

PE 23: Support of Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention (ACDP), Emerging Infections Program (EIP), and Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Programs (OHSU, VA and OSU) (Final 12/17/2014)

PE 25: Metropolitan Area Pertussis Surveillance (MAPS)

PE 30: Community Prevention Program (Final 1/13/2014)

PE 40: Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Services (Final 9/2014)

PE 41: Reproductive Health Program (Final 5/19/14)

PE 42: Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Services

PE 43: Immunization Services (Revised 8/26/2013)

PE 44: School Based Health Centers (Final 6/17/14)

PE 45:  Tribal Maternal Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Services 

PE 47: Project LAUNCH (Deschutes County Only)

PE 48: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)

PE 50:Safe Drinking Water Program (SDW)


Program Elements 2011-2013

PE 01: State Support for Public Health (SSPH)

PE 02: City Readiness Initiative (Revised 5/22/13)

PE 03: Tuberculosis Services

PE 05: Health Impact Assessment (HIA) (DOJ Approved 1/17/2012)

PE 07: HIV Prevention (Revised 2/2/2012)

PE 08: Ryan White (Revised 2/2/2012)

PE 10: Sexually Transmitted Disease

PE 11: Climate Change and Public Health

PE 12: Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (Revised 11/3/12)

PE 13: Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

PE 14:  Tribal Healthy Communities (HC)

PE 15: Healthy Communities Phase II

PE 16: Tribal Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

PE 19: PDES (Final Approved 5/30/13)

PE 20: Statewide Lead-Line Program

PE 21: Services to Victims of Sexual Offenses

PE 22: Lane County Hepatitis C Surveillance

PE 24: Multnomah County Hepatitis C Surveillance (Revised 2/2/2012)

PE 25: Metropolitan Area Pertussis Surveillance (MAPS)

PE 29: Association for Professionals in Infectious Control and Epidemiology Oregon Southern Washington Chapter, Inc. (APIC)

PE 30: Marion County Hepatitis C Surveillance

PE 40: Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

PE 41: Family Planning

PE 42: MCH (updated 9/21/2011)

PE 43: Immunization Services (revised 6/28/12)

PE 44: School Based Health Centers

PE 45: Tribal MCH (Final September 2012)

PE 45:  Tribal MCH Warm Springs Only

PE 47:  Project Launch (Deschutes County Only)

PE 48: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)