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Public Health
Disease Control, Laboratory Testing and Immunizations

Oregon Revised Statute

Chapter 431: State and Local Administration and Enforcement of Health Laws

Chapter 433: Disease and Condition Control; Mass Gatherings; Indoor Air

Chapter 438: Clinical and Environmental Laboratories

Chapter 452: Vector Control

Oregon Administrative Rule

Division 12: Procedural Rules
- Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome 333-012-0260
- Infected Health Care Providers 333-012-0280

Division 17: Disease Control (Definitions and References)

Division 18: Disease Reporting

Division 19: Investigation and Control of Diseases: General Powers and Responsibilities
- Disease-Related School, Child Care, and Worksite Restrictions
- Pet Licensing, Animal Bites, and Rabies
- Other Disease-Specific Provisions

Division 21: Preventative Medicine
- Communicable Disease
- Standards for Certain Contraceptives
- Marriage Certificate Standard
- Artificial Insemination
- Newborns

Division 24: Clinical Laboratories
- Laboratory Testing
- Testing for Metabolic Diseases
- Fees for Tests Performed in the State Laboratory
- Alpha-Fetoprotein Testing and Other Serum and Amniotic Fluid Based Markers for Congenital/Genetic Defects
- Testing for Substances of Abuse
- Health Screen Testing

Division 26: Enforcement of Public Health Rules

Division 48: Vaccine Education and Prioritization Plan

Division 49: Immunization Registry

Division 50: School Immunization Rules

Division 56: Infectious Waste Management

Division 64: Accreditation of Laboratories

Division 13: Chemical Analysis for Alcoholic Content of Blood
- Laboratory Methods
- Diagnosed Disorders to be Reported to the Health Division Pursuant to ORS 482.141