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Public Health
Food Facilities and Recreation Activities
Oregon Revised Statute
Chapter 431: State and Local Administration and Enforcement of Health Laws
Chapter 433: Disease and Condition Control; Mass Gatherings; Indoor Air
Chapter 446: Manufactured Dwellings and Structures; Parks; Tourist Facilities
Chapter 448: Pool Facilities; Water and Sewage Systems
Chapter 624: Food Service Facilities
Oregon Administrative Rule
Division 12: Procedural Rules
- County Performance of the Authority, Responsibilities, and Functions of the Administrator of the Health Division Relating to Traveler's Accommodations, Recreation Parks, Organizational Camps, Swimming Pools, Bath Houses, Food Service Facilities, Mobile Units, and Vending Machines
Division 29: Travelers' Accommodation Rules
Division 30: Organizational Camp Rules
Division 31: Construction, Operation, and Maintenance or Recreation Parks
Division 39: Regulations Governing Health and Safety at Outdoor Mass Gatherings
Division 60: Public Water Systems
- Public Swimming Pools
Division 62: Public Spa Pool Rules
Division 170: Bed and Breakfast Facilities
Division 150: Food Sanitation Rules
- Definitions and Administration
Division 157: Inspection and Licensing Procedures
Division 158: Combination Food Service Facilities
- Combination Facilities Engaged in Activities Subject to Regulation by the Department of Agriculture and by the State Health Division
Division 160: Destruction of Food Unfit for Human Consumption
Division 162: Mobile Food Units, Commissaries and Warehouses
Division 175: Food Handler Training