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Oregon Vital Records Order Forms

If you mail in a request for a vital record, you must include:

  • A photocopy of the applicant’s ID (or alternative documents)
  • The applicant’s reason for needing the record
  • The signature of the applicant for the record

We require these items to screen more thoroughly for fraud. Knowing the reason for ordering assists us in reviewing requests for a large number of records, determining whether the applicant has a right to order death, marriage, or divorce records, and whether to send a short or long form certificate. Having applicant signatures ensures that records are being requested by eligible persons. Please notice that the second page of each form provides ordering instructions, as well as suggestions for alternative ID when the applicant does not have a current valid driver's license or passport.

Download Vital Record Order Forms

Birth order forms:

Death order forms:

Marriage order forms:

Divorce order forms:

Domestic Partnership order forms:

Commemorative certificate order forms:

Preadoption birth record order forms and birth parent forms:

  • More information on preadoption birth records in Oregon

Large format print copies of all forms are available upon request.