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Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention
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Protecting public water supplies from backflow hazards

The Cross Connection Program assists water suppliers and water users and certifies individuals that protect public water supplies from backflow hazards.

The program focuses resources on the areas of highest public health benefit and promotes voluntary compliance with drinking water standards. It emphasizes prevention of contamination through source protection, technical assistance to water systems, and training of water testers and specialists.

Certification   Schools, Classes, & Resources


Backflow Assembly Testers

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) provides a current public list of certified Backflow Assembly Testers. The public can use this list to select and contact a Tester that is currently certified and has indicated availability and appropriate licensing to test assemblies for compensation. Only Oregon OHA-certified Testers can test assemblies in Oregon.

For Water Suppliers

Preparing an ordinance, rule, or bylaw for your water system? Read this article for information.

Organizations and Services

Certification course providers: Contact information, websites, descriptions, etc.

Cross Connection Advisory Board

Meeting agendas, board member lists, guidelines, and by-laws.