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Environmental Public Health Tracking
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New Obesity Map

We are proud to present this map of Oregonians' weight based on data from state-issued drivers' licenses and identification cards. These data, from the Driver & Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV), reveal patterns at a level of detail not available from other data sources. To learn more, check out our full report and our 2013 Public Health Week presentation.


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Public Health Week 2013

Presentations from Oregon Tracking's epidemiologist, Dr. Daniel Morris, during Public Health Week:

Other News...

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest reports: Air Quality (2001-2010) and Asthma (2000-2011). These reports include descriptive analysis of data available on the Oregon Tracking portal. We analyzed these data to identify trends over time and areas for further study.

About the Oregon Tracking Program

Environmental Public Health Tracking (Oregon Tracking) is working to develop a statewide network of health and environmental data that will drive actions to improve the health of communities.

By bringing together environmental and health information sources, scientists, communities, policymakers, and the public will be better equipped to answer fundamental questions about the relationships between environmental exposures and health effects.