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Public Health Planning
Where we live, work, play and learn matters to our health.   

Our environments determine whether we have access to healthy options and services that allow us to maintain our health and stay safe. The Oregon Public Health Division, together with our partners, is working to promote health and prevent the leading causes of death, disease and injury in Oregon.

The documents found here represent Oregon's plan for ensuring the lifelong health of all people in Oregon. These tools will enable the Public Health Division, in collaboration with local public health departments and community partners, to focus on helping communities and individuals make policy, systems and environmental improvements that put healthy options and health-promoting services within reach for everyone in Oregon.

Oregon State Health Profile
Download the State Health Profile (pdf)

Oregon's State Health Profile is a broad set of indicators that offer a snapshot of the health of people in our state. This information helps us understand the health of our communities, celebrate and learn from our successes and identify opportunities for improvement. Having common information allows us to build partnerships, gather resources, and decide how to plan actions to address complex health issues.

Download the Oregon State Health Profile (pdf)

View the State Population Health Indicators 

Public Health System Assessment
Download the Public Health System Assessment (pdf)

In 2011, the Public Health Division began working with partners to conduct a statewide community health assessment. As part of that assessment process, PHD published the State Health Profile, referenced above. This Public Health System Assessment report comprises the second component of Oregon’s community health assessment, which is to describe state resources that can be mobilized to address identified health challenges.

The report describes PHD programs and resources, and presents findings from a 2011 stakeholder survey of the strengths and challenges of the state’s public health system. Other key resources that are an integral part of improving the health of Oregonians, including local health departments (LHD) and the health care system in Oregon, are also featured.

Download the Public Health System Assessment (pdf) 

Oregon's Healthy Future: A Plan for Empowering Communities
Download Oregon's Healthy Future (pdf)

Oregon's Healthy Future is Oregon's plan for ensuring the lifelong health of all people in Oregon, regardless of their income, education, race, ethnicity or where they live. The plan used data from the State Health Profile to build a set of priorities for improved health in our state. The Public Health Division will be one partner in a community effort to mobilize around five priorities: health equity, tobacco, obesity, oral health, and substance abuse and behavioral health. By working together, we believe we can make a difference for Oregon.

Download Oregon's Healthy Future (pdf)

Public Health Division Strategic Plan

The Oregon Public Health Division’s Strategic Plan will be updated and published in 2015. The plan will lay out a concrete vision to achieve sustained and measurable improvements in population health in Oregon, and will align with the creation of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) and the Governor’s 10 Year Plan for Oregon. The plan will support staff as we collaborate on common goals that maintain past accomplishments and drive our vision for a healthy Oregon.