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Public Health Modernization
Foundational capabilities and programs

Oregon is a leader in health system transformation, which aims to provide better health and better care at a lower cost. This transformed health system requires a strong governmental public health system that can support Oregonians where they live, work, learn, and play.

In July 2015, the Oregon legislature passed House Bill 3100; this bill implements the recommendations made by the Task Force on the Future of Public Health Services in the September 2014 report titled, "Modernizing Oregon’s Public Health System" (below). House Bill 3100 sets forth a path to modernize Oregon’s public health system so that it can more proactively meet the needs of Oregonians.

Legislative Briefing on Public Health Modernization
July 6, 2016, 9:30 to 11:00 am
Portland State Office Building, Conference Room 1A
800 NE Oregon Street, Portland, OR 97232
Conference call option is available for questions: 1-877-873-8017
Access Code: 9095232# 

Public Health Modernization Manual, December 2015​

Task Force Report: Modernizing Oregon's Public Health System, September 2014

Task Force Report: Executive Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening now to modernize Oregon’s public health system?

In order for everyone in Oregon to have access foundational public health protections, in 2016:

  • The Public Health Advisory Board will be established;
  • Definitions for the foundational capabilities and programs for public health will be finalized;
  • State and local health departments will assess the extent to which they currently provide the foundational capabilities and programs and will determine resources needed to fully implement them;
  • Local health departments will determine the most appropriate governance structure for the jurisdiction they serve;
  • With communities and partners, state and local health departments will develop plans to implement the foundational capabilities and programs, based on the findings from their assessments.

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Task Force

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