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Death Newsletters

A newsletter for our colleagues who prepare and register death certificates. If you would like to sign up to receive this newsletter electronically, email Krystalyn Salyer.

PDFApril 2017

Featured Stories

Working together to meet the needs of veterans and their families

Amendments to marital status and spouse’s name

Funeral home adoption of electronic death records

Electronic death records update

Updated Oregon Death Certificate Worksheet for funeral homes

Affidavit faxing for medical certifiers

Connected amendments on death certificates

A new death certificate brochure is here

Cynthia Roeser is retiring

After 39 years with the state of Oregon, Carol Sanders is retiring

PDFSeptember 2016

Featured Stories

Legally sufficient affidavits

Introducing Derrick Patterson

Working copies

Military service & occupation/industry reporting

Timely registration of records for indigent decedents 

Cascadia Rising exercise

EDRS update 

Do not issue these death certificates: Death with Dignity

PDF​April 2016

​Featured Stories

Replacement fees

Where to send an affidavit: County vs. State Office

Funeral homes do not create a “Fetal Death Report”

Time and date of death functionality in OVERS

Rapid process improvement (RPI) - an update

Helpful hints: OVERS messaging tool

Joyce Grant-Worley — all about her

September 2015


Special Report:
PDFVeterans' Combat Status Collection Results, Jan 2014 - July 2015 YTD

Featured Stories

Vital records fees to increase

Fee discontinued for burial and cremation metal discs

SSA’s online verification service

Funeral home monthly reports

What keeps a report of death from being legally sufficient?

Report card on timeliness and quality

How are you doing on veterans’ combat status data collection?

Announcing new counter service hours

RPI-Records now registered more quickly

Oregon awarded funds

OVERS use by medical certifiers: what you can do to help?

PDFMarch 2015

Featured Stories

OVERS use statewide - an update

Alias names on death certificates

Amending name of funeral home

Veterans’ combat status reporting

Spell it out and be aware of typos!

Final dispositions made simple

OVERS training coordinator Kerry Lionadh leaving for new opportunity​

PDFAugust 2014​

Featured Stories

How the ODVA can help families

Importance of properly completing the veterans’ combat status and combat zone questions

Submitting a death record with unknown information

Efficient electronic amendments

Burial tags​

PDFMarch 2014

Featured Stories

Letter from the State Registrar

FAQs: Veterans’-use-only certified copies

House Bill 2093 and medical certifiers from bordering states

24-hour notice of receipt of body

Short form death records

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PDFSpecial Edition
(posted Nov 2013)​

Featured Stories

Special edition on HB2093 implementation

Doctors from bordering states can sign

Process for amendments to death records

Order forms required at county

Short form certified copies only for property transfers in Oregon

Free veterans’ copies require proof of application

24 hour receipt of body card still required

How to find the report of death in OVERS if hospital starts record

Limitations on providing certified copies of death

PDFAugust 2013

Featured Stories

HB 2093 Vital records modernization bill

Marital status for same-sex couples married outside of Oregon

Law change—short form death certificates

Electronic vs. paper affidavits

Burial and cremation tags clarification

OVERS tips/enhancements

Funeral home numeric report – a source of useful info

Online resource roundup

PDFMarch 2013

Featured Stories

OVERS tip: changing the date of death

Veteran’s combat status update

Follow-up on combat zone information

Vital records modernization bill

Fetal death reporting demystified

Burial and Cremation Tags

Home Burial Packets

Timeliness for Death Certificates

The OVERS Revolution​

PDFAugust 2012

Featured Stories

Legislative House Bill 3611

Veteran’s combat status update

Disposition and transit permits

Unknown city limits

Medical certifiers from bordering states - an update

Requesting death certificates and corrections by fax

PDFMarch 2012

Featured Stories

Do not share copies of death certificates

OVERS help desk

Two new registration timelines for death

Who to call at the Center for Health Statistics

Veteran’s combat status update

Disposition in Oregon

Medical section should be completed by the medical certifier

Funeral home billing process

Funeral home numeric report  

PDFAugust 2011

Featured Stories

Redesigned Center for Health Statistics Website

Staff Turnover? Let Us Know.

Abandoned Records

Improving Correction Affidavits

Informant on the Death Certificate

New Law for Veterans' Certificates

Reducing Death Record Errors

Changes to SSA Verification Procedures

Complete Injury Reporting is Critical to Public Health

Joe Carney

PDFMarch 2011

Featured Stories

Oregon Health Authority Has Arrived

Doctor's Self-paced Guide to Using OVERS

Do I Need To Submit a 721 Form

Complete Injury Reporting Is Critical To Improving Public Health

OVERS Tip: Find The Doc Before You Drop

OVERS Tip: Using The Type Of "Place of Death" Dropdown List

Medical Certifiers From Bordering States

E-mail Notices Provide Important Death Reporting

OVERS Tip: Reporting Time Of Death Using The 24-Hour Clock

PDFSummer 2010

Featured Stories


Release of non-certified scanned and photocopied death certificates

Place of death care facilities

County death abstract cards

Fetal death

Final Disposition permits in OVERS

Correction affidavit errors

Death authentication documents

Timelines for submitting death certificates to the state

Tech tips - answers to common questions about using OVERS

PDFFall 2008 ​

Featured Stories

Discontinuing faxed death certificates

Electronic vs. paper amendments

Color copies not allowed

Final disposition Q&A

What funeral facilities may order death certificates

Infant death vs. fetal death

OVERS changes ahead

Decedent's residence-hospice option

Presumptive death

Race, education, marital status

Use of Domestic Partnership for marital status

Report of death still required

Reducing need for correction affidavits

Street number field in EDRS

For Veteran's use only

EDRS is a success but we still have work to do

Assistance with Russian Old Orthodox decedents​

PDFWinter 2006

Featured Stories

Fetal Deaths and Infant Deaths

Copies of the Death Certificate

New Field Liaison


Electronic Death Registration System Update

Injury Information on the Death Certificate

FAQs About the New Death Certificate​

Featured Stories

Staff Introductions

The Only Constant is Change

Decedent's Age (Item 5)

Place of Death and Facility Name (Item 9a and 9b)

Time of Death (Item 27)

Short Form Death Certificates

Faxed Death Certificates--Just a Reminder

ME Notification

Electronic Death Registration Update

The Life Cycle of the Oregon Death Certificate

Vital Records Staff Close Up

No Disinterment Permit Required for Cremains

Death Certificates: Let's Get It Right

What do we do with all that data?


PDFSeptember 2004 

Featured Stories

Staff Introductions

24-Hour Notices Required

Fetal Deaths

Hospice and the Medical Examiner

Procedures for Amending Death Certificates

Death Certificate Form Pages

Disposition Out-of-State Donations and Another Type of Disposition

Mea Culpa​