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Oregon Divorce Data

The following tables provide the most current statistics on divorces in Oregon.

The Center for Health Statistics gathers information about divorces occurring in Oregon. The Center for Health Statistics does not have information about Oregon residents that may have gone elsewhere to be divorced.

Please read about Oregon Preliminary Data before using year-to-date and preliminary statistics.

Divorces by Month and County of Occurrence, Oregon Residents



2014 2013 2012


Total Number of Children Under 18 Affected by Divorce

Preliminary Final

2014 2013


Summary of Data for Children Under 18 Affected by Divorce:

  • These tables present a tabulation of the total divorces granted with the county the divorce occurred in or where it was filed.
  • It is further subdivided by information provided on the number of minor children of the marriage being dissolved.
  • Families affected by divorce may also have step-children or children from only one of the partners involved in the divorce. These children would not be counted in this summary.
  • Other children affected is not collected on the divorce certificate filed with the state. Additionally, since both the residence of the wife and husband are listed on the record and neither may reside in the county where the divorce is filed or decreed, this information may not be totally accurate as to where the children reside.

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