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A newsletter with tips and information for our county partners. If you would like to sign up to receive this newsletter electronically, email Krystalyn Salyer.

PDF​December 2016

Featured Stories

A letter from the State Registrar

Every three days

How to review death correction affidavits

Integrity of vital records

What should county registrars or deputies do if they see a death record with information about Death with Dignity?

24-hour Notice of Receipt of Body cards and Authorization for Disposition forms

Important Reminder: The fee is for the search

Business continuity – Personal preparedness

PDF​July 2016

Featured Stories

Security paper contract update

New contact person for certificate paper

What paperwork needs to be completed to appoint or remove a County or Deputy Registrar?

Update to OVERS services

Continuity of operations plans

New county webpage available

Upcoming webinars

Attention all Registrars and Deputy Registrars

PDF​December 2015

Featured Stories

Vital records fees changing January 1, 2016

New vital records fees mean new forms

New certificate paper

Timely submission of death records

New County Registrar? Let us know

Customer service tip

Notify us of any location changes

New Filiation Specialist

PDFMay 2015

Featured Stories

State office construction

RPI - workflow process

Legally sufficient orders in OVERS

Tracking intaglio security paper

What makes a report of death legally sufficient?

Marital status and spouse’s name amendments

Vital records fee increase

Center for Health Statistics loses valued staff member

PDFNovember 2014

Featured Stories

Faster, smarter, better & less work for you

Where can I get information about Home Burial Packets

Amending the Name of the Funeral Home

Handling Replacement Requests

Registering death records - the big picture

Death Report Registration Flow Chart

Vital records work - data entry of county filed death records​

PDFMay 2014

Featured Stories

Release of information

Out of state funeral homes and Oregon death records

Paternity establishment for married mothers

Live birth verification for home births without a licensed attendant

County Vital Records orders and use of OVERS

Revising County Vital Records order forms

Adding to the communication tool box - county webinars

Update county web pages

Email addresses

PDFNovember 2013

Featured Stories

What you need to know about annual renewal of registrars commissions

Correction affidavits needed

Vital Records Modernization Law effective January 1, 2014

County reports now electronic


Vital Records Commissions Form

County Vital Records Duties Overview

Application to Operate as a County Vital Records Office

PDFMay 2013

Featured Stories

Quiz time

Intaglio paper numbers: locate, search, and void

OVERS tips

Need information out of OVERS

Vital Records Modernization House Bill 2093

Local File Number: It’s all about you!

Death certificate timeline compliance

PDFNovember 2012

Featured Stories

Want to know about triennial reviews

County Registrar and Deputy Registrar duties

The new look and feel of OVERS

Replacement records from OVERS

ME Refer - Line Item 46 and the Death Certificate Sight Verification Tool

New at the State Vital Records Office: Self-Service Kiosks

Sight Verification Tool

PDFMay 2012

Featured Stories

Important! - new Cashier Close process to start July 2nd

Annual registration of Co. Registrar/Deputy Registrar Commissions

Use OVERS to fight crime

Notifying county clerks of deaths to county residents

Errors on birth records

Policy for release of veteran’s copies

Policies related to replacement certificates

Who to call at Center for Health Statistics

PDFNov 2011

Featured Stories

Don’t lose track of intaglio paper

New Vital Records’ laws

What is bright, colorful, laminated and has a legend?

Reporting date of disposition on the death certificate

Promptly notify the state registrar of staff turnover

PDFMay 2011

Featured Stories

Introducing redesigned Center for Health Statistics Web site

Minimum order information to enter in OVERS

County survey responses

Injury information on non-Medical Examiner death certificates

Medical certifiers from bordering states 

PDFFall 2010

Featured Stories

Oregon Health Authority has arrived

Contact the State first for amendments

Security paper changing

Maintaining security paper inventory

OVERS notification messages for county staff

OVERS tip - adding services to old orders

OVERS tip - managing issuance and work queues

State office contacts

PDFSpring 2010

Featured Stories

County registrar and deputy registrar staff duties

Promptly notify state registrar of staff turnovers

Paternity report

Cooperation between counties creates stronger public health programs

When to issue vital records

What is the triennial review?

A list of helpful hints

PDFWinter 2009

Featured Stories

Greetings from your new vital records field liaison

OVERS updates - best practices

Changes to OVERS functionality coming 1/19/2010

Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity outreach

Adding and removing county registrars and deputies

New staff in the Registration Unit

PDFSpring 2009

Featured Stories

Third Anniversary of OVERS

Adding and Removing County and Deputy Registrars

The Local Option

"White Copy" amended certificates: A Thing of the Past

Fees: Counties Charge Same as State

Biometric Enrollment - Practice

Death Certificate and Disposition Permit

Abstracts: Death vs. Birth

County Death Reports: Appropriate Sharing

Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavit-Form 45-21

Funeral Directors' Signatures

Information & Certified Copies to Government Agencies

Death with Dignity Confidentiality

Home Birth and Home Burial Packets

Issuing Records to Private Investigators


Amendments by the County