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Dissolution of Domestic Partnership Data

The following tables provide the most current statistics on dissolution of domestic partnership occurring in Oregon.

Please read about Oregon Preliminary Data before using year-to-date and preliminary statistics.

Dissolution of Domestic Partnership by Month and County of Occurrence  

There have not been any dissolutions of domestic partnerships filed in 2017 at this time.

In 2008 there were three dissolutions, one each in Douglas, Lane, and Washington counties.

Year-to-date ​ ​ Final
​2017 2016​ 2015 2014 2013 ​2012 2011​ ​2010 2009

Total Number of Children Under 18 Affected by Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

*As of 2016, the number of children under 18 affected by divorce will no longer be reported.

In 2008 there were three dissolutions, none of which had any minor children affected by the dissolution of domestic partnership. 

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009


Summary of Data for Children Under 18 Affected by Dissolution of Domestic Partnership:

  • These tables present a tabulation of the total dissolutions granted by the county of occurrence.
  • It is further subdivided by information provided on the number of minor children of the domestic partnership being dissolved.
  • The state of Oregon does not collect information about other children (children not born or adopted during the marriage/domestic partnership) affected by the dissolution of domestic partnership. Families affected by dissolution may also have step-children or children from only one of the partners involved in the dissolution. These children would not be counted in this summary.
  • Information about children affected by dissolution of domestic partnership may be filed in a county different from that in which both parties reside.