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Marriage Data

The following tables provide the most current statistics on marriages in Oregon.

The Center for Health Statistics gathers information about marriages occurring in Oregon. The Center for Health Statistics does not have information about Oregon residents that may have been married out-of-state.

Please read about Oregon Preliminary Data before using year-to-date (YTD) and preliminary statistics.


Marriages by Month and County of Occurrence

Year-to-date Final

2016​ 2015
2005 2004 2003


2001  1995


Marriages by Sex and County of Issuance

Preliminary Final
2016​ 2015 2014


Related Information and Publications

  • 2004 overview and a statistical profile of Same-sex Marriages for Licenses issued by Multnomah County from March 3, 2004 through April 20, 2004.
  • Annual Report, Vol 1 - See Section 1: Quick Reference, Section 2: Natality: Marital Status of Mother
  • Oregon Vital Statistics County Data - See Table 3: Births to Unmarried Mothers by County of Residence, Table 5: Resident Births to Unmarried Mothers by Age of Mother and County of Residence, Table 9: Prenatal Care by Resident County for Unmarried Mothers